Is Athletics for you?


It's the famous question everyone asks, and quite often some people end up bailing out and not coming to practice sessions, believing they're "bad". It's never easy for anyone when you're just starting, but it doesn't take long to adapt and find your training rythm. The skill level is really heterogeneous, but that doesn't stop anyone from cheering everybody else, and as long as you keep improving, every running is worth it. You also must find the best distance for you. At first glance, sprinting looks easier, but it's a very intense effort on a very short distance. On the other hand, middle-distance running is mentally exhausting, but is at the end a very different kind of running, which looks more like long distance than short distance. To make it short, everybody can practice athletics, where you actually only need to manage your effort and keep heart. Dedication pays out, and you can really notice the difference after one year!

Last reminder: if you plan to practice athletics, you will need good shoes: inflammations, aches, and even injuries caused by bad shoes are really hard to fully heal, but very very easy to get!


Sadly, the SA can't offer you this sport this year. But if you're crazy about running, feel free to take a permit: the athletics staidum, right next to Gerland, is really close to the ENS. And if you need any information, feel free to contact the athletics head !