Cycling? Isn't it that thing elderlies do when they can't run anymore? Or the sport where 100 men like to smell each other for hours while being in a peloton? Well yes, cyclism is all of these things, but at the ENS we're neither elderlies nor bike tryhards.

So don't just stay at the ENS, come and drive with us, we welcome everyone and we'll make sure that the trips are fine for everyone!

Where and when?

We go on trips twice per week:

  • Sundays (morning) : we ride up, we ride down, we ride for a long time.
  • Thursdays (afternoon): we try to practice sprinting with overall flat trips.

Small trips in town might also be organized to visit the city and the must-see places.


The SA doesn't have any bike to lend. You'll have to have your own, with working brakes. A helmet is strongly recommended.


If you need any help to rebuild a bike from scratch -or almost-, we're here to help. We can also teach you to make some repairs yourself.

For any further inquiries, feel free to contact the cyclism head.