Come and play!

Did you wake up this morning thinking you needed to do something significant with your life?
Do you want to sacrifice yourself for the team?
Do you want to be in the future french team - or any other national team?
Do you want to start an intense sport, where we sometimes happen to win our matches - and without dropping anyone to serious injuries every match?
Do you want to impress girls with new team shirts?
Or just want to have a good time?
Then don't hesitate any more: the handball team is made for you!

We're a team made of around 20 players, with various skill levels. We train the mondays at 7.30pm at the Monod gymnasium. If you're interested in competing in a team with official matches, we have two teams: one playing at a very good level (maybe the french championship this year!) and one playing at a more modest level. You can that way take part in competitions, whatever your own skill is. So feel free to come!