Whether you swim in pools since before you could walk, or you dream of learning the mysteries of the breaststroke, the SA gives you the Benjamin Delessert pool!

Where and when?

The pool is located near the ENS, at the `40 rue de Gerland`. The B metro station Jean Jaures is nearby, and a velo'v station is right outside the pool. You can also just walk since it's at less than 10 minutes from Descartes, and 20 from Monod. If you feel like joining us, we swim the monday from 9pm to 10pm, and the wednesday from 7 to 8 (pm of course).

What do we do once we're at the pool?

You can do one of these two things:
- one swimming lane is kept for people who want to follow a specific training with a swimming instructor: if you want to train something specific - for example learn the crawl or the breaststroke or do a cardio training -, that's where you should go!
- 3 swimming lanes on mondays and one on wednesdays is here for free training. You just do whatever you want and enjoy swimming the way you want to do it. If you need it, an instructor is always ready to give you some technical advice, or some exercices you could try.

Why should I do swimming?

Quite easy to begin, you can feel right away what it can give you. You can train at your pace, and swimming allows you to regain a good physical condition little by little, with a very very low injury risk - for example for articulations, sometimes very often sollicitated on other sports. The free training allows you to train what you really wand to focus on. If you want to push yourself, well the instructor is here for you, and trust him to leave you tired even the day after!