You want to go back to sports after years spent working, or just keep up your favorite sport while you're abroad? Don't worry, the SA is here for you! And if you never played tennis and are wondering if you should play or not, don't worry: there's room in this sport for everyone, whether you are "too small", "too tall", "too thin", etc.


You'll be able to use a court at the ENS in a very good shape, and a gymnasium during the winter - unless you prefer to play in the cold and sometimes the snow. If you feel really motivated, you also can play on the court or the gymnasium, for free, whenever you want during the week - assuming you say it earlier to the SA. We can also lend tennis rackets for the training sessions - very good ones, used by pros too.

Depending on your skill and availabilities, you can be put in several groups, but the goal stays the same for everyone: have fun and improve. If you're "intermediate", you'll train at Descartes either on mondays(from 6pm to 7), or on wednesdays(from 5pm to 6). If you're "experienced", you'll train at Descartes again, on wednesdays from 6pm to 7. If you're "beginner", you'll train at the Lyon Tennis Club at Gerland, from 4.30pm to 5.30(and don't worry, it's a 10 minutes walk from the ENS). You can also almost always stay after the end of the training if you want to keep playing.

Now that you don't have any good reason not to come and play tennis anymore, we expect to see you soon on the courts!